I was contacted by Computer Concierge to get my existing web site up on the rankings of Google several years back. They guaranteed that they could re-develop my web site and have it remain on the top of Google search indexing, using their proven system of satisfying the Google requirements putting the web site near the top of their rankings. They did exactly that and my business has seen increases each year of more job opportunities and therefore much more bottom line income revenue.

Since then, the price for that has dropped dramatically with Computer Concierge at the helm. Now I have had so many more IT issues with other parts of my business the Concierge part has come in so handy.

I have cell phone problems, new computers to set up, Quick books to learn, Windows 7 and 8 upgrades and Microsoft Outlook has changed with upgraded Microsoft Office licenses provided to me by Computer Concierge, etc… The IT needs of businesses today are endless. I have found everyone at Computer Concierge to be extremely knowledgeable with all of the issues that I have confronted them with. If they do not know the answer, they have a vast amount of experience of find the answers and the tenacity to stay with it to get it done.  They will not give up or it drives them crazy.  

The company has your needs and best interest as their first priority. They will stop what they are doing if you are in a bad way and need their help. This is crucial when you are down and stuck without a life line. This company is your I.T life line.  I recommend Computer Concierge for your web site and all your computer needs.

Business owner of a construction & renovation Company for over 39 years.

To Computer Concierge:

I would just like to thank Computer Concierge and their team for such a great job they have been doing for my company.  I have been working with Computer Concierge for many years.  It would be hard to imagine working with another team.  When I first started the internet side of the sign business; I worked with a good friend that knew some about the web marketing and we got into ad words and link farms.  This got me so far but was not cutting the bill; so I started looking into SEO companies.  With looking into many different companies and their owners I found Computer Concierge.  I could see from my research, they were the company to go with.   Once on with Computer Concierge and their team, we have had great get success with our marketing and national exposure.  If there is ever an issue with our services; programming or more important adding to the website; I give a quick call or email and the issue is taken off my plate.  I would highly recommend Computer Concierge and their team; they are the best of the best of what they do.


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