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There is no doubt that search engines have revolutionized the way business is conducted. In addition to changing the way consumers shop, it has also changed the way they go about finding what they want to buy. For many of us, thumbing through the yellow pages when we want to order pizza is a thing of the past. Now we simply log onto our computers or mobile devices, find what we want and often times order right there online.

This is exactly why a portion of your internet marketing may need to be focused on local search marketing. Even if your business is strictly brick and mortar with no online sales, you can benefit from local search marketing because half of all brick and mortar business purchases start with an online search.

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Local search marketing is an obvious choice for small, local businesses. However, other types of businesses which operate nationally can also benefit from locally focused search marketing and here are some of the reasons why.

Local listings are often ranked at the top of search results before national and worldwide listings. This can be a huge advantage especially if your business is the only one of its kind in your part of town or in the entire city. Furthermore, about half of the time when search engine users do a local search, they do not have a specific business already in mind. That means that those users are up for grabs. With local search marketing, you can be there to grab their attention.

You will also have an advantage when it comes to attracting customers who prefer to spend their money with local businesses.

At Computer Concierge, we do local research and analysis to gather keywords that pertain to the city and/or part of town where your business is located. We also incorporate geographically relevant information into your content. For example, if your business is located close to a tourist attraction, we can use that information to help bring some of that traffic your way.

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We use other resources such geographical pages as well as create business listings is social media sites (Google Places, LinkedIn, Bing and Yahoo) to increase your website’s visibility in local search results.

While national and worldwide search results are certainly important, Rankings SEO knows that local search results can be just as beneficial and in some cases more beneficial. We will tailor a marketing strategy to the individual needs of your business and help you capture more locally generated business.

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