Organic SEO

Organic SEO is the process used to enable a website to rank higher in natural search engine results. This process involves techniques such as:

  • Increasing the number & quality of keywords
  • Creating backlinks
  • Providing unique content that users find interesting or useful
  • Fixing coding errors

These techniques may seem simple but are much easier said than done. In fact, when we speak with business owners, many of them express their disappointment with the previous SEO companies that they’ve tried.

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This does not surprise us because many of our competitors label the methods they use as SEO, but in reality what they are doing is not truly search engine optimization. Some of these companies just buy advertising only to turn around and sell it to their clients at a higher price. What’s more what these companies often buy are ads that show up clearly labeled as “sponsored links”. The word “sponsored” makes the link easily identifiable as an ad. Since internet users are constantly bombarded with ads (especially for things they don’t want), they often ignore the irrelevant sponsored links in the sidebar.

If your hired SEO company is doing this, not only are you paying more for advertising you could have bought yourself, you are paying for something that doesn’t even work as well as organic SEO. When done properly, Organic SEO makes your website easier to find in natural (unpaid) search results.

According to recent independent studies, the overwhelming majority of search engine users (approximately 80%) prefer organic search results. This should tell you that your traffic is most likely to come from natural search results, which is why Organic SEO is so important.

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At, Your Rankings Concierge, we know SEO inside and out. We use proprietary methods and optimization software to ensure your site is always compliant with search engines and detect issues with your site that would impede top rankings and traffic. Our proprietary system allows search engines to find and rank your site for many more keywords than could be done manually. Best of all, our software allows us to easily re-optimize your site whenever major or minor changes are made by the search engines that would affect your rankings and traffic. In addition, forms backlinks for your site from within the software, our staff also works on external backlinks and makes sure your content is written professionally and effectively.

Organic SEO is a continuous process so you need people on the job who know what they are doing. Call Computer Concierge today so we can get your site ready to rank high in organic search results.

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