How Search Engines Rank Sites

If asked how search engines rank websites, the answer is really quite simple. Search engines rank websites based on how relevant they are to the user’s search. However, in order for a search engine to be able to determine how relevant your site is and then rank it, your site (or specific web page) must be search engine friendly.

Generally, websites that rank high in searches are technically sound, having few or no coding errors at all. Also, all content, titles of the pages as well as meta tags and titles must not conflict but rather compliment each other. In order to fully understand why all these things matter, you must first understand how search engines find websites.

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When a user performs a search, the search engines send out software which is called a robot or “bot” for short. These robots crawl the internet instantaneously reading the content and code of thousand of websites to determine if they are relevant enough to be included in the search results and how high they should rank.

As the internet has gotten older and technology has gotten better, search engines have become more sophisticated. This means they have become a lot more accurate when it comes to weeding out websites that are irrelevant or deceptive to users. A few years ago, a website owner could get away with spamming keywords. This is when you take popular words, phrases or current events and include them in your keywords even though they have absolutely nothing to do with your actual content.

Even though this practice is deceptive and annoying to searchers, it was actually helping websites increase their traffic. Search engines have since come up with ways to combat keyword spamming and this is why your pages titles, meta titles and meta tags must match your content.

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There are several other things that could send your website plummeting down in the ratings. Using outdated HTML techniques such as table, even if used correctly, can confuse the search engine’s robots and thus cause your site not to rank well.

Since search results are returned in a matter of seconds, robots cannot afford to spend a lot of time trying to read your site. This is why your site must be as search engine friendly as possible.

Some of our clients initially believed that because they had their website professionally made by graphic designers that it was ready to take on the search engines. A designer’s main goal is to make your site look good. But looking good doesn’t always translate into being functional.

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